Google Pay Merchant Har Din Diwali Offer.

Google Pay Merchant Har Din Diwali Offer.Googal Pay Marchant Offers ,Diwa.This Diwali, Google Pay is Giving All Google Pay Marchant Users To A chance to win will get assured Rs.21 in Bank Daily for 16 Days.
Collect 12 Stamps Earn ₹1001 In Bank Using Google Pay Merchant Har Din Diwali Offer.
This time Google Pay is back again with GPay Har Din Diwali Offer but this offer is only for Google Pay Merchants. User. Available.You just need to collect all 5 stamps and total of 12 stamps and you guys can get a scratch card up to Rs.1001 Bank This The Best For For Google Pay Marchant.
(Read the post below to know in detail)
Google Pay Har Din Diwali Rewards :

Google Pay Daily Shagun : Collect 1 stamp a day and you will earn one scratch card worth up to ₹21 each, per day

Gift of 3 Stamps : Collect 3 stamps of the same type and you will earn a scratch card worth up to ₹101

Collect All Five Stamps : Collect all 5 different stamps and you will earn an assured reward of ₹251

Collect 12 Stamps Get Happy Diwali Offer: Collect 12 stamps in total during the Offer Period to stand a chance to earn up to ₹1001

(Team And condition)

  • There are 5 different stamps: Flower Stamp, Diya Stamp, Samosa Stamp, Lantern Stamp and Ladoo Stamp and 16 grids within the game.
  • Offer Valid for November 1st, 2020 IST to November 16th, 2020 IST.
  • Transactions must be from unique Google Pay users and at least ₹20 each to qualify.
  • You can receive a payment via your Google Pay for Business account or via the Google Pay QR code.
  • More Terms and Conditions: Google Pay Har Din Diwali Terms
(How To collate Google Pay Marchant Cashback.)
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1.Open Google Pay business App and Tap on Har Din Diwali Offer Check Now Banner.
2.You will able to see the Google Pay Har Din Diwali Calendar of 16 Days.
3.Go to back to Dashboard and Share Google Pay  Business  Marchant QR Cord
4.Ask Your One Friend to Pay Rs.20 On your QR Code and you will Get a Google Pay Shagun Scratch Card.
5.You can Do this on Daily Basis and You will Get Google Pay Har Din Diwali Scratch Card in which you will get up to Rs.21 Daily.

6.You will Get Assured Google Pay Har Din Diwali Stamp For First Payment Every Day.

7.Here i Got Samosa Stamp for Receiving First Payment of the Day

8.Collect All 5 Stamps and Win Up To Rs.1001 in your Bank Account From Google Pay Har Din Diwali Offer.


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