google pay diwali offer

Google Pay Diwali Offers 2020
This  Diwali, Google Pay is Giving All  Users To A chance to win Rs 101 to 501  Google Pay has Added A New Diwali Rewards Features to The App. all User needs To Do Is Collect , tickets and kilometres .And
visit all city to Claim The assured Reward Of 101-501 Directly Into The Link Bank Account  Open The Google Pay Parday Unlock K.M And Assured Scratch Card Of Rs101-501

google pay diwali offer Games Full Rules:-

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Parday Open The Google Pay App . google pay diwali offer 2020


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Visit all the cities in the Go India game by 25 Nov 2020, to earn the Go India Champion reward worth ₹101-₹501.

To visit a city in the game, collect both city tickets and kilometres (KM). The more you collect, the more cities you can visit.

City tickets and KM are given out randomly. You could collect any of the cities or KM through the different actions. Tap the ticket or KM icon to learn more.

You can collect a maximum of 1 city ticket or KM for paying to the same merchant or person in a day. Pay different recipients, get more!

Your KM will expire if not collected in the game within 48 hours from receiving.

You can visit up to 3 cities daily during the game period, so travel wisely!

If you don’t see collected tickets or KM in your game, just exit and open the game again. It may take up to an hour to appear.

Earn bonus Go India rewards

You can also earn assured bonus rewards by taking part in city events throughout the game. Check Go India daily to find out about new events!

Each event will give you bonus KM or city tickets or an assured scratch card up to ₹100. There will be multiple events, so more rewards!

Earn merchant vouchers

Claim a merchant voucher of your choice at every 5th city you visit. You can move to your next city after claiming.

how to collect tickets and K.M—-

google pay diwali offer 2020.Win Extra Cashback

1Parday open Go India .,

Pay friends on Google Pay per friend daily, no min. spend,

Transfer to any bank account 1 per account daily, no min. spend,

Pay to any UPI ID 1 per UPI ID daily, no min. spend,

Gift a city ticket 1 per friend gifted,

Share a Go India photo or map

1 ticket or KM daily. and Win Cash Rewards 101 To 501 


google pay diwali offer 2020
google pay diwali offer 2020


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