Amazon Quiz Answer All December month

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 -:Amazon Mi 10T series Quiz Answer:-

Q1.Which of these are the features of Mi 10T series?

108MP triple camera
Alexa Built in
5000mAh battery

 Answer:-All of these !

Q2What are camera features of Mi 10T Pro?

108MP Rear camera
20MP front camera
13MP Ultra wide angle camera
Answer:-All of these !

Q3 What is refersh rate of Mi 10T Series?

Answer:-144Hz !

Q4.which processor is used in Mi 10T series?

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G
Answer:-Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 !
Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G
Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+

Q5.Does Mi 10T is 5G ready phone?

Answer:-Yes !


 Amazon Trends 2020 Quiz Answer 

As per Twitter, what emoji topped the list of most-Tweeted emojis on Twitter around the world in 2020?

Amazon Trends 2020 Quiz Answer

Q1.As per Twitter, what emoji topped the list of most-Tweeted emojis on Twitter around the world in 2020?

Yawning Face
Answer:-Face With Tears of Joy !
Brown heart
Pinched Fingers

Q2.Made with coffee, granulated sugar, hot water, and hot milk, what became the most searched recipe of 2020 on Google 2020 top trends list?

Banana bread
Answer:-Dalgona coffee !

Q3.In which of these online games, that went viral in 2020 is each player designated as either a “crewmate” or an “impostor”?

Fall Guys
Answer:-Among Us !

Q4.And then, we were three! Arriving Jan 2021″ became the most liked tweet in India of 2020. What was the tweet announcing?

The new iPhone
ISRO’s new satellite
Answer:-Virat and Anushka’s baby !
The Atal Tunnel

Q5.As of 25th July 2020, with 44,30,008 orders on Zomato and 5.5 lakh on Swiggy, what dish became the most ordered in India during lockdown?

Answer:-Biryani !
Ice cream
Dal Makhni


Q6.Which of these songs from Badshah became Youtube’s most watched music video of 2020 in India?

Answer:-Genda Phool !
Bad Boy
Tere Naal Nachna

Amazon Looking Back at 2020 Quiz Answer.

Amazon Quiz Answer Today Quiz is Which of these sports events happened in 2020 with no audience in the stadiums?

Q1.Which of these sports events happened in 2020 with no audience in the stadiums?



Men’s T20 World Cup


Q2.When Twitter asked people to describe “2020 in one word”, which Indian brand replied with “Move On.”?
Q3Which popular web series of 2020 was released as a sequel to the “Karate Kid” films?
Special Ops
Answer:-Cobra Kai
Sacred games
Q4.Barcelona’s Liceu opera hosted a unique concert in 2020 where they filled its 2,292 seats with what?
Q5.At the 48th International Emmy Awards, which Indian series won the ‘Best Drama’ award?
Answer:-Delhi Crime
Paatal Lok
Bandish Bandits

Amazon Quiz Answer Today Live Now

Amazon Quiz Name Is General Knowledge 2020
Amazon Quiz Name Is General Knowledge 2020
Q1.Lewis Hamilton won his seventh F1 drivers world championship in 2020. Whose record did he match?
Answer:-Michael Schumacher
Ayrton Senna
Niki Lauda
James Hunt
Q2.When translated from Spanish to English, which viral TV series’ original name means “The House of Paper”?
Schitt’s Creek
Answer:-Money Heist
Workin’ Moms
Rose Island
Q3.Who curated the ‘One World: Together At Home’ virtual concert for WHO and international advocacy organization Global Citizen?
Answer:-Lady Gaga
Snoop Dogg
AR Rahman
Q4.Which successful film’s story revolves around the poor Kim family and the wealthy Park family?
Artemis Fowl
Q5.Which popular 2020 song begins with the lyrics: “I said, certified freak/Seven days a week”?
Rain On Me
Savage Love
Q6.Which actor, who shot to fame in 2020, played the lead role in ‘Wrong Side Raju’ which won the National Award for Best Gujarati Film?
Jaideep Ahlawat
Abhishek Banerjee
Divyenduu Sharma
Answer:-Pratik Gandhi

Amazon Wonder Woman Quiz Answer

Amazon Wonder Woman Quiz Answer
Q1.What is the name of the character played by Chris Pine who sacrificed his own life in Wonder Woman but returns in Wonder Woman 1984?
Answer:-Steve Trevor
Steve Rogers
Nathaniel Barnes
Bruce Wayne
Q2.What actress stars in Wonder Woman 1984 in the first-ever live-action appearance of The Cheetah, and also spent seven seasons on Saturday Night Live?
Kate McKinnon
Answer:-Kristen Wiig
Melissa McCarthy
Maya Rudolph
Q3.What was the name of Diana’s aunt , who trained her to become a warrior?
Q4.David Thewlis who plays Remus Lupin in Harry Potter movies plays the role of which God in Wonder Woman?


Q5.In Wonder Woman 1984, Wonder Woman uses what part of her classic blue, red and gold armor as a boomerang-style weapon?
Lasso of truth
Bracelets of Submission
Answer:-Her tiara
Magical Sword


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